Devin needs a new wheelchair-accessible van!

Devin needs a new wheelchair-accessible van!

Our Story


On May 29, there was a high speed chase in the Eastlake neighborhood, and as the driver was trying to escape the police, he totalled Devin's wheelchair-accessible van.

This van has a wheelchair lift, and it is how Devin gets around. Without it she cannot go to doctors appointments, physical therapy, swimming lessons, or to the park to play. She cannot leave her neighborhood without her van.

Devin's parents just invested $3,000 to fix this van, and cannot afford to replace it. Insurance will only cover the market value, but since this was a 1993 VW, the money won't go far.

Please help Devin's family replace her van. Any help you can give is sincerely appreciated!


As of 6/28 we have met the goal of purchasing a van!!! There have been $20,400 in donations and $7,700 in insurance. For a total of $28,100

This is enough to buy a 2005 Dodge Caravan with a ramp.(Pictured below) Any additional money will be put in a trust for future repairs or Devin's medical needs.

Thanks to all those who have given so generously!!

Devin is a happy 10-year-old who loves to be outside.


For more information or to contact Devin's family, please send an email to: